Article on "Austin" - Original Song by Natalie Foreverland 

It all started with a journey to Austin, Texas in May 2014. Singer/Songwriter Natalie Foreverland traveled to this beautiful city and fell in love with its youth, music, and vibrance. One month later as she was reminiscing on her memories made in Austin, Texas, she started writing a "to be" new Country hit single, "Austin." 

Natalie writes, "Austin won't you come to me I want get rocked in your bluebell breeze.  I wanta float on the lake in the middle of your city.  Oh Silicon Valley ain't got nothin' on…

I Am Eve 

I'm getting back to the garden, and I'm burning down the "tree of the knowledge of good and evil."  Don't try to stop me!  The cherubim that guard the gate are out to lunch.  If you need to find me I'll be talking to the animals.  Don't freak out when they talk back or you'll scare them.  I'll meet you at the Tree of Life at 8PM sharp.  Don't be late.  The Lion King will be there waiting on us.  Our appointment with Him is crucial.  We must save the earth.  Yep, Noah may be coming back into the picture…

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Running A Race To Get The Prize 


I do my best work when the world's asleep and I can't feel their thoughts...
But I can't stay awake when the schedule takes dominion over bought... TIME.
Time you'll never marry me! I've got you by the horns!
Late's just the gate that sometimes takes
The characteristic of a thorn.

I've just fallen behind, but I'm fixing' to rise
I'm running a race to get the prize
Oh Time... You're just a lie and I'll manipulate your tide!
I'm running a race to get the prize
So get behind me…

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He Said "No" 

HE SAID, “NO” I wrestled with God today.  I dove into the lap lane of the pool at my gym and fought the waters with every muscle contained in my body.  I told Him what I wanted.  I demanded it from my very being.  My heart screamed at Him.  My soul was determined to make Him understand.  He responded.  He said “No.”   I swam faster.  My heart raced as I cried angry tears under the water.   I expressed my frustration and resentment towards Him, because I’ve had to wait so long for this one thing I want…


I'm Floundering around in a pool that expounds, upon twisted fate and heaven's wait.

My heart screams "Jump In! Baby you got fins! Why you worrying' when God's got this?"

But are you watching me, 'cause I'm by myself

I'm scared and alone and I need your help

I want you to do it for me instead of doing it through me....

It's easier that way, wouldn't you say?  Why must I go it alone?

The will to persist is honing in on my weakness! I'M TRYING TO DELETE THIS!


Strengthen my…

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True That! 


By Natalie Foreverland

Are you a metaphor lore?
Seeking to explore the reasoning of doubt and limitations clout,
Categories that group things into can and can't do
and list characteristics as if you were a

Oh but free your mind, into metaphors sublime
With limitless free and "just being me"
It is here you'll find the truth so kind
And the one who made you into a unique find

So go in and explore....your soul's depth!
Don't wade in the waters, dive in and accept
That you can do all…

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