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Natalie Foreverland, A Spartanburg/ Greenville, SC local artist, has just released a new singles, Tebow316.  You can receive Tebow316 FREE, just enter email below and an MP3 download will be sent to your email address - Keep scrolling. 

If you choose to purchase this single, all proceeds from the digital sales of Tebow316 on ITUNES, GOOGLE PLAY and AMAZON, go to the Tim Tebow Foundation (digital downloads).  Please see below for details.                

         Natalie Foreverland is a musical artist specializing in singing/songwriting/recording, acting and ballroom dance. Natalie's local Spartanburg/Greenville fans know her as a wedding singer and ballroom dancer;  However, behind the scenes she writes and records original children's music, nursery rhymes, and voice overs for clients in the US and abroad.  For her own enjoyment, she takes Bible verses and puts them to music and she paints Bible stories in Symbology. Her current creative project is "The Song of Solomon" ballet.

        "Who I Am" Natalie's 4th single was released July 1, 2017.  "I'm Your Friend is soon to be released, and her dual album, "Baby Wake Me Up," was released on July 4, 2017.  All proceeds from the digital sales of "Who I Am' on ITUNES, GOOGLE PLAY, and AMAZON go to the Tim Tebow Foundation's Night To Shine Charity Event. 

        Natalie also released, “Christmas Morning,” the soundtrack to her original Christmas musical, “Evening Star,” on 12-3-16.  Natalie's other 6 musicals (2.5 hrs. to 3 hrs. run time) and 3 mini-musicals (30 min. run time), are soon to be published.

         Natalie Foreverland's musical sound is refreshing, pure and soothing and full of the harmonies she is known for. It is music therapy for the whole family... infants, toddlers, children and kids of all ages, especially parents and grandparents. Her genres of music include: Christmas Music, Children's Music/ Kid's music, Wedding Music, Pop, Country, Folk and Blues. (FACEBOOK PAGE: Natalie Foreverland SInger/ Songwriter)
         As a playwright, Natalie has written 6 full musicals and 3 mini-musicals. The soundtrack, "Christmas Morning," from "The Evening Star Named Cata Musical" was released 12-3-16.  The other soundtracks are coming soon.  They are currently in the "Tweeking" process.
         As a Freelance Artist she produces voice-overs for a wide range of characters and accents; records children's nursery rhymes for clients all over the globe; and creates paintings, videography and photography that promote wholesome and meaningful messages. She loves to take Bible verses and put them to music. Natalie speaks publicly and shares her stories and musical gifts at summer camps with teenagers and middle school/elementary school kids.  (FACEBOOK PAGE: Natalie Foreverland Freelance)
         As a Ballroom Dancer, Natalie stays busy dancing 5 nights a week and loves to mix ballroom dancing styles together such as Swing/Shag and Tango/Bachata. She is on the board for USA DANCE and choreographs dances for her music.  
         As a Coach, on the side she instructs students that she has worked with extensively over the years in Acting, Voice, Music, Ballroom Dance and Pageantry/Modeling. (FACEBOOK PAGE: Natalie Foreverland Coach)
         If you'd like to meet Natalie personally, she handles the public relations for USA Dance in the Greenville, Spartanburg SC area, so it's not uncommon to run into her on the dance floor at ballroom dance events in Greenville and Spartanburg, SC. Just check out her Facebook Page, "Natalie Foreverland Ballroom Dance Lover," which shows her dance schedule.  She's always singing, dancing or acting...somewhere. (FACEBOOK PAGE: Natalie Foreverland Ballroom Dance Lover)

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If you purchase any of these 4 singles on ITunes, Google Play or Amazon (Tebow316, Tebow Goin Be Free, My Beauty, Who I Am - digital downloads) the proceeds go to the Tim Tebow Foundation. 

100% of the monies given to the Tim Tebow Foundation go directly to children in need. Should you be looking for an organization that is doing amazing things to help children, please visit for more information.

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