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Natalie Foreverland's Story; Her Music; Her Bio

Natalie Foreverland has just released 3 new singles: "Tebow316," "Tebow Goin Be Free"and "My Beauty." You can receive all 3 singles FREE, by joining Natalie's email list on her website,  If you choose to purchase these singles or her 4th new single, “Who I Am, all proceeds from the sales of these singles on ITUNES, GOOGLE PLAY and AMAZON go to the Tim Tebow Foundation (digital downloads). 


I’m a musical artist. I sing, act, and dance… preferably ballroom dance. However, my friends would just call me a wedding singer and ballroom dancer. Behind the scenes I write and record original children's music, nursery rhymes, and voice overs for people all over the world.  Yep, I Coach too…music, voice, dance, acting, pageantry…etc, and for therapy I put Bible verses to music, study cinematography & swim.  (I like “Pure Barre” and “Pound” too!)  


I sign my paintings and photography/videography, "Just Natalie."  If people forget my last name "Foreverland," sometimes they call me "Natalie Christmas" because I'm always writing Christmas Music along with my Children's music; or “Natalie Heaven,” because Foreverland is like Heaven, or so I assume.  When My mom scolds me on the phone, she still says, "Natalie Nicole!" (Nicole is my middle name) My best friend Kim calls me "Natty."  Call me what you like.  If I recognize it, I'll answer... but be kind.  I'm STILL a child at heart.  Can't you tell?   


Anyways, here is the THE STORY BEHIND THE GIRL... called "Natalie Foreverland."


I was only 5. They had a contest at my church.  The child who memorized the most Bible verses got the big prize. It was a gorgeous PINK leather Bible.  Honestly, I just wanted it because it was pink, not because it was a Bible...and of course because I HAD TO WIN.  


My competitive nature kicked in full force.  Every night before I went to bed, my mom would go over all of the verses I had to memorize so I could say them perfectly for my teacher come Sunday morning.  However, this night was different, there was a particular verse I was learning that somehow moved my spirit-soul little being.  It was called John 3:16.  I quoted it perfectly for my mom that night as I had worked on it all week.


"For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life." My mom explained to me that Jesus died on the cross for me to take away my sins and asked me if I wanted to ask Him into my heart.  I still remember the tug I felt in my stomach as my eyes welled with tears.  Even to this day it is so very real.  At that moment I asked Jesus to come into my heart, and I immediately felt a beautiful peace...a "washing away of gunk" as I like to call it.  Throughout my childhood, I continued to seek the Lord...but then out of nowhere my Senior Year turned into college and I started falling away from the heart that had always been so very true to me...I worked a radio station in town and although I sang, I still had not found my true voice or started writing songs.


After college, I moved to Jacksonville FL and man did I start "dancin' a jig." Florida was a whole new world to this little naive South Carolina chick. Despite Florida's popularity, for me it turned into Neverland...with lots of Pirates, mean captains and crazy mermaids! So I moved to Hollywood Florida (I call it Neverland goin' south), home of the "Hollywood Honky Tonk Tours."  I made fabulous friends from Kentucky. "Ed and Lanie, I'm talking about you," and I would sing at their dinner parties. But alas, Neverland doesn't last forever, and I was sucked into hole with no available outlet. Alice was not in Wonderland and the music within me still had not fully developed.


I found another pink Bible.  It was given to me by my highschool best friend, Temple Monroe.  For some reason I opened it.  It was right there staring me in the face. Hosea 6:1 Come let us return unto the Lord: for He hath torn, and he will heal us; he hath smitten, and He will bind us up. "Oh no"...I remember thinking...."This cannot be.  God is really real."  Sleeping Beauty woke up, as did the music inside of her.


I don't really want to talk about the years that followed my "Waking." Unfortunately, I reaped what I sowed and Karma bit me hard. However, my lessons were learned EXTREMELY well.  The most important thing is that through pain, many songs, musicals, and stories were born. Some were songs and stories that I will never release. They were just for me and God. He understands. 


You see, I want to release music full of light. It's so easy to share the darkness and the hard times, and I do share that with close friends. However, I feel it my destiny to chase away darkness by filling it with light. I want the earth to be a better place and much less harsh. So I created a Foreverland full of beautiful music. It's a heaven inside my head, heart, soul, and spirit that I want to share.  It is my escape into a world of wonderment, purity, innocence, and HAPPY. I think it is the perfect place for infants, toddlers, children and kids of all ages. There is always sunshine, tulips, daffodils, palm trees, mountains and oceans.....all in one. It's perfect in every way just like Mary Poppins, especially if you need to get away.    


So whether you are a baby still in the womb, an infant, toddler, child, or just a kid at heart, my music is for you and I hope it brings you the sound and feel of love, peace and joy.  May all spaces within your heart and home be filled with His holy light and heaven's music.


PS:  You may wonder what's around the corner. Well, first I have to finish a "Song of Solomon," Ballet I've been working on (the music). However, for my next project, since I've been doing ballroom dance for mmmm, 10 years now, I have a real desire to bring back the classics... Billie Holiday, Irving Berlin, Frank Sinatra, Etta James... you name it.  I love 40's music.  It's so amazingly romantic.  I'll let you know when it's gonna happen, but I really want to release a ballroom dance album, with some shag music too.  Oh my... it's so against the rules of ballroom to add shag.  Oh but variety makes it even more exciting.  After all I must be true to my sweet South Carolina.  I'm signing out.  Love ya bunches.  Esta la vista!  

Until next time, or once upon a time, I'll be seeing you...

His Evening Star,

Natalie Foreverland



Natalie Foreverland's Music

When people ask me what I do, I can't ever find the right answer. My local friends know me best as a Wedding Singer and Ballroom Dancer. However, maybe "Musical Artist" suits me best as I write Musicals….the music and the scripts and then I record & produce the songs.  However, I'm also a Freelance Artist as I do Voice Overs, Painting, Videography and Photography and I Coach Acting, Music, Art and Dance.  Oh and I have three hidden loves....Swimming, Painting and Ballroom dance.  I paint on my back porch in the moonlight every chance I get and I dance Salsa, Tango, Swing, Foxtrot and Waltz 5 nights a week. It's fabulous cardio. So how do you say all that in a two word title.  Hence, titles never tell a full story, they just label people.  Know this, "I love Stories and I tell them all the time!"  Oh yeah that's right, I'm a storyteller too...Lol.  I left that one off the list.


As for the genre of music I write, well I can't put that in a box either.  I write and perform a little bit of everything: children's music, wedding music, ballroom dance music, country, pop, folk, blues... you name it.  As for the covers I perform at weddings/parties, some of my favorite artists are from the 40's like Irving Berlin, Billie Holiday, Etta James, Frank Sinatra.... and classics like Elvis and Patsy Cline.  Oh I love top 40 too....Bruno, Adele, Owl City, Regina Spektor, Alica Key, Maroon 5, etc.  in other words I like the NEW and the 40 and the 40's....and as for the stuff in between....well it's just...ok. LoL.


As far as creating music, I love to create music for the whole family, including infants, babies, toddlers & kids of all ages, using clean wholesome lyrics; fresh hip hop pop rhythms; & soothing music therapy that will calm your child's soul & nourish your mate's heart. 


Yep and I love wedding music and ballroom dance music.  The sappier it is, the better!  Come on!  Mushy gushy love dove songs are the best! Ha! There's nothing like a fabulous love song.  Now if you can just take these songs and dance with your mate in the living room after the kids are put to sleep... well that's just soooo romantic, and is there anything more beautiful than romance?  So dance together, sing together and pray together.  There's nothing better that you can give your child, than them seeing mommy and daddy in love.  So, show them how to love.  My music will help..... I promise.  LOL!  


However, amidst all the genres of music, I've always felt that some children have gotten left out... specifically, babies still within the womb, newborns, infants and toddlers. So I decided to create children's music, not just for elementary and middle school kids, but for our babies that we still hold in our arms and nurse.


Life is so beautiful and these little ones need soothing melodies and harmonies that are comforting.  Babies need to hear heaven's music, so that their souls, hearts and minds can grow strong and be given audible nourishment.  After all, heaven is where they came from and it's tough coming into this world. Music therapy made just for your little darling, can ease the stress of it all.


If you're having trouble getting your child to sleep or if you as a mother or father, are having a hard time sleeping, my music is for you.  I made it especially for you, so that you can let go, relax and enjoy your sweet precious gift of life.


If it's daytime and you want to twirl in a field of daisies with your darling toddler, well I've got music for that too, and if you don't have a field of daisies, I'll help you imagine one.


If there's ever a time when your precious child is afraid, lets "Trust in Him." It's amazing how "God music" can dry those tears and put a smile on your child's face.  After all, God is the expert on musical therapy for "your bugaboo."


If you ever just need a story put to music, audible, gentle, musical theatre music, made just for kids...It's here.


What about when your sweet little one has to go to the doctor or to the dentist?  It is comforting for them to hear the soothing therapy of music made just for them, right there in the office.  It eases the discomfort of it all.  My music is made for every pediatric dental office and pediatrician, so that your child will have a happy and fun experience going to the dentist or the doctor! As soon as they hear those familiar harmonies, they will feel at home. 


So let's escape together into a field of dreams, made with music...even if only for a little while.  I believe that we can bring heaven to earth just like Jesus did, and more than likely as you're reading this right now, you're holding heaven.  So here's to heaven's sounds. Let's enjoy them together!


PS: Should you decide to purchase any or all of my new 3 singles "Tebow316," "Tebow Goin Be Free," and/or "My Beauty," on iTunes, Google Play, or Amazon...the proceeds will go to the Tim Tebow Foundation.  Happy Listening!

Until next time, or Once upon a time, I'll be seeing you...


His Evening Star,

Natalie Foreverland



Natalie Foreverland Bio

      Natalie Foreverland has just released 3 new singles: "Tebow316," "Tebow Goin Be Free" and "My Beauty." You can receive all 3 singles FREE, by joining Natalie's email list on her website,  If you choose to purchase these singles, all proceeds from the sales of these singles on ITUNES, GOOGLE PLAY and AMAZON go to the Tim Tebow Foundation (digital downloads). 

         Natalie Foreverland's musical sound is refreshing, pure and soothing and full of the harmonies she is known for. It is music therapy for the whole family... infants, toddlers, children and kids of all ages, especially parents and grandparents. Her genres of music include: Christmas Music, Children's Music/ Kid's music, Wedding Music, Pop, Country, Folk and Blues. (FACEBOOK PAGE: Natalie Foreverland SInger/ Songwriter)
         As a playwright, Natalie has written 6 full musicals and 3 mini-musicals. The soundtrack, "Christmas Morning," from "The Evening Star Named Cata Musical" was released 12-3-16.  The other soundtracks are coming soon.  They are currently in the "Tweeking" process.
         As a Freelance Artist she produces voice-overs for a wide range of characters and accents; records children's nursery rhymes for clients all over the globe; and creates paintings, videography and photography that promote wholesome and meaningful messages. She loves to take Bible verses and put them to music. Natalie speaks publicly and shares her stories and musical gifts at summer camps with teenagers and middle school/elementary school kids.  (FACEBOOK PAGE: Natalie Foreverland Freelance)
         As a Ballroom Dancer, Natalie stays busy dancing 5 nights a week and loves to mix ballroom dancing styles together such as Swing/Shag and Tango/Bachata. She is on the board for USA DANCE and choreographs dances for her music.  
         As a Coach, on the side she instructs students that she has worked with extensively over the years in Acting, Voice, Music, Ballroom Dance and Pageantry/Modeling. (FACEBOOK PAGE: Natalie Foreverland Coach)
         If you'd like to meet Natalie personally, she handles the public relations for USA Dance in the Greenville, Spartanburg SC area, so it's not uncommon to run into her on the dance floor at ballroom dance events in Greenville and Spartanburg, SC. Just check out her Facebook Page, "Natalie Foreverland Ballroom Dance Lover," which shows her dance schedule.  She's always singing, dancing or acting...somewhere. (FACEBOOK PAGE: Natalie Foreverland Ballroom Dance Lover)

Natalie Foreverland Resume


PO Box 170412, Spartanburg, SC 29301    843-254-1888

WEBSITE:    E-mail:

EXPERIENCE;  2005 – Present                      


           Narrator-Lead; Evening Star Named Cata; FW Pro; NMB

           Fairy Godmother-Supporting; Believe-Cinderella; FW Pro                                                                  

           Mermaid Queen-Supporting: Mermaid Musical; FW Pro



            Mother-Lead; Tebow316 Music Video; FW Pro; NMB SC

            Mother-Lead; Tebow Goin Be Free Music Video; FW Pro 

            Singer/ Musician; My Beauty; FW Pro, NMB, SC

                                                Singer/ Musician; Baby Wake Me Up; FW Pro, NMB, SC


            Skuttle, Flounder, Ariel; Mermaid Musical; 

                        FW Productions; NMB, SC

            Narrator; Evening Star Named Cata; FW Pro; NMB

            Traffic Reporter; Traffic Patrol; Myrtle Beach, SC



            Allie – female lead; ArkFest; Broadway at the Beach, SC

            Mary/Esther–2 leads; Into the Next Town Productions; NMB


BALLROOM DANCE: Swing, Salsa, Tango, Foxtrot, Waltz,

Viennese, Bachata, Rumba, Cha Cha, Merengue, Shag, NC 2 Step

            Dancer – SwingShag Dance Company – Spartanburg, SC

            Dancer –TangoBachata Dance Team, Greenville SC

            Dancer – Upstate Swing, Salsa Greenville, USA Dance

            Secretary/ Social Media Coordinator – USA DANCE 



            Coach dancers in Swing, Salsa, Tango, Waltz, Foxtrot, Rumba, and Cha Cha; Choreograph routines



            The King and I; Theatre of the Republic; Conway SC

            Jekyl and Hyde: Theatre of the Republic: Conway SC

            Tebow316 Line Dance; NMB SC

            Tebow Goin’ Be Free Line Dance; NMB SC


SINGER/ SONGWRITER/ MUSICIAN                     

            Stompin’ Grounds, Greer SC

            Stellars Bar and Grill Downtown, Greenville, SC

            Sounds of the Season; Myrtle Beach Mall; MB, SC 

            Benjamins; Myrtle Beach, SC 

            FreshBrew Coffee House; Myrtle Beach, SC 

            Conway Idol: Conway SC

            Vine Coffee House: Myrtle Beach, SC

            Second Cup: Myrtle Beach SC



            Patricia’s Hope Charity Event; North Myrtle Beach

            North Myrtle Beach Christmas Parade 2011-2014

            North Myrtle Beach Christmas Tree Lighting 2011-2014

            Annual Songwriter’s Festival; Myrtle Beach Mall; NMB



            Natalie-female lead; Beehive; TOR; Conway, SC

            Queen–female lead; Story of Elijah; TOR, Conway, SC

            Nicole-female lead; & Pocohantas; FW Pro; NMB, SC

            Rose-female lead; Old Alabama Theatre; Kingdom Pro; MB

            Mother-female lead; Turning Tender Musical; FW Pro; MB

            Headwife-Supporting role; The King and I; TOR; Conway



2015 - 2016                 Berklee School of Music – Music Licensing; International Music 

                                     Marketing; Music Marketing

2014 – 2015                Chapman Cultural Center – Ballet Lessons; Spartanburg, SC 

2015 - 2017                 Dance Arts – Lessons in Ballet and Tap; Mauldin, SC

2014 – 2016                Essentia Dance Studio – Training in Ballroom Dance; Greenville, SC

2006 - 2014                 Carolina Dance Partners – Training in Ballroom Dance; NMB, SC

2005 – 2008                Lenny Sembaluk Records; Training in Record Engineering; MB, SC




2011 - 2014                 Martial Arts Education:  Kung Fu 




2005                            Received Torry Award for Best Choreography; TOR; Conway, SC




CHRISTMAS MORNING / ALBUM/ Released Dec. 3, 2016  - Christmas Morning is the original soundtrack for the Evening Star Named Cata Christmas Musical written by Natalie Foreverland.  (Now on ITunes, Google Play, Spotify, Amazon, etc.)

TEBOW316 – Single: Released

TEBOW GOIN BE FREE – Single: Released

MY BEAUTY – Single: Released




BABY WAKE ME UP; Dual Album; Daytime & Nightime (Sleepytime) 

for Infants Toddler and Kids of all Ages; Release date - May 31st, 2017

WHO I AM; Single; Release Date – June 15, 2017

LET’S CROSS THIS ROAD; Single; Release Date – June 30, 2017

ANGELS DONT; Single; Release Date – July 14, 2017

ALL MY FOUNTAINS: Single: Release Date – July 14, 2017

MORNING STAR; Album; Turning Tender Soundtrack; RD – 9/30/17        


WALK IN THE LIGHT; Album; Turning Tender Soundtrack; RD – 9/30/17

OVER THE MOON AND RAINBOW; Album;Foreverland Soundtrack; RD 9/14/17

GREEN AND PURPLE CLAY; Album; Foreverland Soundtrack; RD 9/14/17

BREAK FREE; Album; Guard Your Heart Soundtrack; RD 9/30/17

WINGS; Album; Guard Your Heart Soundtrack; RD 9/30/17

HEAR MY CRY; Album; Soundtrack from Famous Love – The Ruth and Boaz Story

IT’S A PROMISE; Album; Soundtrack from I Am Special – Noah’s Ark Animal Story

MY MIRACLE; EP; Soundtrack from The Life Savior Musical

THINK PINK; Album; Soundtrack from Still - Arkheart Journey; RD 10/30/17

TITANIC; Album; Soundtrack from Still – Arkheart Journey; RD 10/3017


PLAYWRIGHT; Original Musicals written by Natalie Foreverland

1.  EVENING STAR (Musical) – This musical is a tale about the Evening star named Cata, and her journey to find Pretty. The Evening Star soundtrack is on Natalie’s newly released Christmas album entitled Christmas Morning.

2.  TURNING TENDER:  THE MYSTERY OF THE FOUR STREAMS, (Musical) May, 2009,performed in Garden City, SC;  (27 songs, 2.5 hours) (Music performed live Feb 6th, 2009 at “The Vine” Coffeehouse) Turning Tender features songs from 2 of Natalie Foreverland’s albums, Morning Star and Walk In the Light

3.  FOREVERLAND – THE RETURN OF PETER PAN (Musical) May 2008 – Performed at Conway Elementary School (A Sequel to Peter Pan with a spin off from the Wizard of Oz) (A fun filled adventure, mixing Fairytale themes with Superheroes) (29 original songs.....3 hours)  Foreverland features music from 2 of Natalie Foreverland’s albums, Over the Moon and Rainbow & Green and Purple Clay

4. BELIEVE IN ME; CINDERELLA MINI-MUSICAL; performed at Carolina Forest Elementary, Myrtle Beach SC (run time: 30 minutes)

5. DON’T BE DECEIVED; SNOW WHITE MINI-MUSICAL (Percussion Musical); Performed at Ocean Bays Elementary School, Myrtle Beach, SC (run time: 30 minutes)

6. I’VE BEEN SWIMMING; MERMAID MINI-MUSICAL; Performed at Horry County Parks and Recreation location, Myrtle Beach, SC (run time: 30 minutes)

7.  GUARD YOUR HEART:  THE SECRETS OF THE TEN PLAGUES OF EGYPT (Musical)  May 2007; Performed at Cherry Hill Baptist Church (This is a story of divorce and how to guard your heart from the 10 plagues of Egypt) (21 original songs, 2 hours)  Guard Your Heart features music from 2 of Natalie Foreverland’s albums Break Free and Wings

8.  I AM SPECIAL (Children’s Musical) June 2006 - Performed at “Broadway at the Beach” during “Ark Fest”; Myrtle Beach, SC (run time:1 hour)  The story of Noah’s ark told by the wives and the animals.

9.  THE LIFE SAVIOR (Adult Musical) April 2003 - Performed at the Old Alabama Theatre, Myrtle Beach, SC (This musical addresses the re-visitation of our past, in order to heal, and live life to its fullest.) (2 Hrs.=8 songs)

10. STILL – THE ARKHEART’S JOURNEY TO PRETTY This musical is about a woman named Rose, and her journey in discovering the forces that are holding her heart captive, and the true hidden power of Jesus Christ, that sets her free.  Still features songs from 2 of Natalie Foreverland’s albums, Think Pink, and Titanic.



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